Introduction: Breakthrough Stuffed Animal Ugly Sweater

One day I had an idea.

A freaking AWESOME idea.

And this creation was the idea.

I can't wait to see the looks on the faces of my friends at our next white elephant party! They will be amazed...or maybe traumatized. XD


Large colorful sweater (I got mine for a few bucks at a thrift store)

Four-legged stuffed animal (thrift store)

Christmas tinsel garland (I got a gold one and a red one, from Dollar Tree)

Bag of jingle bells (Dollar Tree)

Several Christmas gift bows

One Red ribbon bow

Thick needle (big enough to thread yarn through)

Yarn the color of your stuffed animal

Needle and thread (thread the color of your sweater)

Step 1: Kill an Elephant

"You're next, Dumbo."

Haha, all I mean is to cut the stuffed animal in half at its waist.

Try not to lose any stuffing as you cut, and if you're animal isn't packed with enough stuffing, cram some Poly-Fill into it (easily found at craft stores).

Step 2: Sew on the Front Half

Position the front half of the animal onto your sweater and sew on with the thick needle and yarn.

I used a whip-stitch technique.

Sew all around the edge, and make sure it's tight enough so the animal doesn't sag down when you're wearing the sweater.

Step 3: Sew on the Rump

Position the back half of the animal on the sweater to match up with the front half (as if the animal is passing through the sweater. See photo).

Do the same stitching technique as you did for the front half.

Step 4: Start Decorating!

Now's the time to get creative.

You can decorate the sweater any way you'd like. This is the way I chose to do mine, but the sky's the limit as to how you do your sweater! Lights? Go for it! Santa hat? Do it! Stockings? Cool! Reindeer and elves? Awesome! Presents? Yes! Real gingerbread men? Um...they might get stale...and moldy... Ok, ALMOST anything is fair game. :-)

I started by gluing on a gold garland around the elephant's waist (front and back halves) and tying a red bow around his neck.

Step 5: Jingle All the Way

I sewed jingle bells onto the collar of the shirt.

If you want, you can simply hot glue these on.

I can't believe that whole container of bells was only ONE DOLLAR! Go, Dollar Tree! :-D

Step 6: Tinsel Bottom

I whip-stitched some tinsel around the bottom hem of the sweater.

If you are lazy, you can simply hot glue this on.

Step 7: BOWS!

I peeled off the paper sticker-covering of a bunch of colorful gift bows and hot glued them on in a random and wild fashion.

Step 8: Tinsel Sleeves

I whip-stitched on a bit of tinsel onto the sleeves the same way as I did the bottom hem.

Again, you could simply hot glue this, if desired.

Step 9: Done!

Put on your glorious creation and bask in the adorable hideousness of it.

Hope you enjoyed this!

It's like the stuffed animal is in a portal...or it's part Dachshund.

Merry Christmas! :-D

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