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A shop apron is one of those items that I should have had since I starting on this journey of making things, but didn't. Inspired by custom aprons that I watched other fellow-Makers make (, I thought I would take inspiration from the Breath of the Wild game ( and copy the designs of the tunics that Link and Princess Zelda wear to come up with some shop aprons for me and my kids.

Here's how I put them together:

*Little disclaimer here*

I am by no means good at sewing. The process is still new to me, so there is probably a lot I'm getting wrong. I'm not showing THE way to do it, I'm just showing how I did it.

Step 1: Materials

The materials I used for this project: (with affiliate links)

Blue Canvas Fabric -
Flocked vinyl (white) -
Flocked vinyl (yellow) -
Leather (I used 6oz) -
D rings -
O rings -
Clips -
Screw rivets -
Transfer sheet -

Tools I used:

Fabric pencil -
Leather glue -
Sewing machine -
Clothes iron -
Small hammer -
Leather hole punch -
Leather stamp-
Knife -

Step 2: Sewing the Apron Shapes

I started by getting measurements from me and my kids. Using the measurements, I took the fabric pencil and drew out and cut standard shapes for each apron. I cut a V into the center of the top, trying to match the V on Link's tunic in the game. I used the sewing machine to zig-zag stitch the edge of the fabric (to try and minimize fray later.

I folder over roughly 1/2" around the edge of the fabric and sewing a pattern along the outside of the aprons. The pattern isn't necessary, I just thought it would make the aprons looks classier.

Step 3: Prepping the Designs

I went into Inkscape and used a picture of Princess Zelda from the game to trace out the designs from her shirt. I sized the outlines I made, then printed them out. I cut out each of the shapes and traced the shapes onto the flocked vinyl for each color.

The white section I did in 2 layers, to try and match the designs found in the game.

Step 4: Adding the Designs to the Aprons

Using a clothes iron, I started adding the flocked vinyl to the aprons. I pressed the iron directly to the vinyl for 10 seconds, then placed some transfer paper on top and pressed the designs for another 10 seconds.

It's important not to overhead the flocked vinyl. To much heat and it will start to warp at the edges.

After the vinyl was cool enough, I removed the plastic layer.

Step 5: Adding the Leather

I cut a piece of 6oz leather to the shape of the leather from Princess Zelda's outfit. I used the fabric pencil and drew out the shapes, using a picture from the game as reference.

I wet the leather slightly, then using my leather stamp and hammer I stamped out the designs into the leather. Once the designs were stamped, I used the leather glue on both the fabric and back of the leather, then pressed the two pieces together until the glue was dry.

Step 6: Adding the Hardware

I took some of the scrap fabric and cut several strips. Using the strips, I sewed the O ring to one side of the apron, and 2 D rings on the top.

Step 7: Making the Straps

I took the leather and cut it into 1/2" strips, then measured myself and my kids for the straps that would attach to the D rings at the top and run down the back. I punched holes in one of the straps and used the screw rivets to attach one end to the O ring and then attached a clip to the other end to make the waist strap.

Using a scrap piece of leather, I cut out a triangle shape, then used the leather stamp to stamp out a triforce design into the piece. I used the leather punch to punch holes into the triangle piece and the leather straps, then sewed the triangle to 3 straps - 2 that will run to the D rings on the top of the apron, and one strap to wrap around the waist strap.

I added the clips to the two ends, then used a screw rivet to wrap the bottom strap around the waist strap.

Step 8: Wear and Enjoy!

With the designs on, and the straps clipped together, you can now wear the shop apron in style (and not get your clothes dirty!)

Step 9: Watch the Video!

Now you know how to do it, watch it being made!

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