Introduction: Bridesmaids Emergency Kit

While we always hope weddings go off without any issues, its always better safe than sorry. That is why having a day of emergency kit for all bridesmaids is a great way to make sure they will have everything they need for the big day.

They also make great gifts for the girls of your wedding party that they can use for future events down the road!

Step 1: In the Kit

Here are the things that I put in my bridesmaid emergency kit


Advil - Or other pain reliever

Tic Tacs

Bobbie Pins

Hand Sanitizer

Sewing Kit - with safety pins

Tide to go Pen

You could also add:


Dress Tape

Hair Bands

Or anything else that might be needed on the wedding day

Step 2: Setting Up the Kit

1. Add your biggest items first. I had a button up shirt for each bridesmaid to wear the morning before the wedding. These shirts ended up working great!. We wore them during hair and makeup and they ended looking really cute plus were helpful that we weren't wearing anything that would mess up our hair while taking them off. This was the first item in the box.

2. Group similar items. Add the small pieces of the kit on the top so that they will be easily accessible to the bridesmaids. You can choose to put the smaller stuff in a small bag so they can move around easier

Step 3: Add a Note

For each kit I added a short note to each bridesmaid, thanking them for their time and their help. It is always nice to have a personal touch in there so the recipient knows that you were thinking about them.

Step 4: Personalize the Box

With everything now in the box, you can take some time to personalize each box. In my case this wasn't as necessary since I was able to find differently decorated boxes. (I was very happy when I found these cool boxes)

I did add a personalized name tag in the label area of the box. This gave the already personalized boxes an extra special touch.

Step 5: Prepare!

Now you have the boxes finished and everything ready, all that is left is preparing yourself for the big day.

Don't forget to relax. While we all hope for a smooth day, something ends up coming up, but now you and your bridesmaids don't have to worry because you know you and your emergency kits will be able to take care of it.

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