Brilliant Peacock

Introduction: Brilliant Peacock

About: Local Artist/Muralist in the kitchener waterloo region. My medium is Acrylic on Canvas and i use different gels and pastes such as heavy gel, ultra matte gel gel medium & modelling paste. My style is expre…

On a large 3ft x 4ft canvas i have applied acrylic paint is sections of color which will make sense later.


Acrylic paint heavy body liquitex
Doesnt have to be heavy body just my preference.. mix 2 parts gel medium to 1 part paint or to desired thickness
Ultra gel matte medium to help extend the acrylic paint and keep it a dull sheen.

Step 1: Background

Paint the colors seen

Step 2: Background Continued

Continue to paint the colors on the background.

Step 3: Background Completed

Starting to come together with all white of canvas covered in paint now let it dry before continuing.

Step 4: Complete Peacock

Once dry continue with the rest of the details seen adding either diagonal feathers or circles and painting your color of choice. One done let dry completely!

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    1 year ago

    Nice work!