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Introduction: Broccoli Souffle

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Do your kids hate eating their veggies??? Well fret no more! They will eat all of their veggies with this wonderfully light ,airy and cheesy Broccoli Souffle!

I would suggest making two if you're making it for a family get together or office party. Make sure to get a nice medium golden brown crust and there won't be any left. At least this has been my experience throughout the years of making it. 

This is the basic version of the recipe. I like to play around with it and throw in spices and other veggies.

You can do individual souffle dishes as well

Do you have two casserole dishes that fit inside one another?? there needs to be a gap all the way around the inner dish, even if it's just a tiny bit of a gap. ---- if not goodwill and thrift stores are are great place to find these sorts of things. I personally only buy used PYREX dishes. :-)

*** If you want it super airy, use small diced pieces of veggies and half all the ingredients. It will come out like a cheesy, broccoli cake, sounds gross but yummy none the less. Square casserole dish inside a larger dish works fine.  ***

Ingredients: - for a 5 x 9 dish

2 - 10 oz package of frozen broccoli pieces - substitute one 10 oz bag for another veggie

2 - can cream of mushroom

8 eggs beaten

1 cup mayo

1.5 -2 cups grated sharp cheddar cheese

4-6 small flat glass beads - the ones you put in glass jar for arrangements

Preheat Oven @350°

Cook Broccoli and any additional veggies as directed on package  - drain let cool

Mix Mushroom soup, eggs, cheese, mayo ( additional spices can be added here) - you can use a mixer for this part if you desire

Fold in broccoli and any other veggies you desire - gently fold it into the mix do not use mixer (see image)

Pour mix into your smaller casserole dish filling it to 3/4 full

Inside the lower dish place the glass pieces in the corners and center to create a gap under the top casserole dish- if your lower dish isn't deep enough skip this part

Place dish into your other casserole dish - place in oven

Now fill the lower dish 3/4 full with water - close the door - cook for 40 mins (not calculated for higher altitudes)

Don't open the oven! Treat it like a cake, it will flop just like one but even if it does, it's still edible and fluffy.

I watch mine through the window and when it gets a light/med brown I just turn the oven off and let it sit.

It comes out super airy, yummy and if it weren't green the kids would never know.

Happy Baking!!

" Share the food, share the laughter and share the love "

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    9 years ago

    I am so making this! great for low carb diets!


    Did anyone try this over the holidays. If so, was it a hit? I would loce to hear feed back. :-)


    9 years ago

    That looks really good


    Thanks ladies!! I hope you and your family enjoy it as much as mine. :-)