Introduction: Broken Pencil Tips Aren't Useless!

Hi fellas! Welcome to you all!

Today well... not exactly today(with respect to you),I am gonna tell you how you can use a broken pencil tip.It breaks while sharpening it and many other times.So instead of throwing that broken part you can use it! It is pretty simple(literally) and costs nothing.So ,here we go-


Here's what you gonna need:-

A broken pencil tip (of course)

An empty pen ( i will explain its type later)

Your time

and you yourself

Step 1: Just One Step!


So now take the pen and empty the refill.The point is we don't need the nib of the pen.After removing it,take the broken pencil tip and fix it where the nib used to exist.Now don't use any glue.You need to pick pens with different sizes of nib holes(i made up this word). Keep the empty pen with desirable nib holes with you and whenever a tip breaks put it in the pen's nip hole and use it.

Step 2: Now Time for the Features!


-Can be used instantly

-Literally a life saver some times

-Saves a large amount of graphite

- Eco-friendly

Step 3: Now Some Tips...

So what do you do after the tip gets blunted..use a blade and sharpen it, you can use also the sharpner's blade well its more safer. And Don't press too hard!!!

After use the tip would become small.Now replace it with next one.But don't throw that old one it still has a use ...collect them and keep it safe and away from children.That is a story for another instructable .Stay tuned!

Thank you .I hope you liked this .See you next time fellas!

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