Broken Sprinkler Zipper Fix

Introduction: Broken Sprinkler Zipper Fix

Today, I went into a goodwill, and saw this brand new computer bag! I was hard pressed to find something wrong with it, and the only noticeable damage seemed to be that a single zipper didn't have its pull. There are many ways to fix these, but apparently it was too hard for whom ever turned it in to fix it. In the spirit of the trash to treasure challenge, I went into my pile of useful junk, and found that one of the most abundant items was tubing, and more specifically, two broken beyond repair sprinklers. So, I decided to try and make a style-ish pull for the zipper, so here is how to replicate it.

Step 1: Tools, and Materials

1. Scissors

2. Object that is in need of a zipper pull.

3. Any type of flexible, or malleable tubing.

Step 2: The Cuts

Make sure to be careful with your incisions, scissors want to go right through this type of tubing!

1. Make a cut about 1 centimeter in from the the end of the tube.

2. This cut should end about 3/4 the way across the width of the tube, so that the pull is about .5 in, or 1.5 cm wide.

3. Finally, cut perpendicular to either side of the first incision to the desired length of the pull, and cut the end off.

Step 3: Fitting Onto the Zip

Simply slip the zipper under the lip of the zipper. Once in, it shouldn't slip out because as the pull becomes taught, the bottom of the loop will latch onto the hook. And there you go, a quick, and simple fix. There are millions of ways to do this, but this is an easily manufactured, customizeable, and free option. I personally just like the look of the white hose.

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    4 years ago

    I use black computer cable. my old psu's black cables are helping me for this job


    4 years ago

    Nice job on your first instructable. Keep up the good work.