Introduction: Brownies in a Jar

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Brownies are one of my favorite sweets ever!!!! They are so fudgy, chocolatey and decadent and as far as I know my friends love them as well. So I thought that I would give my friend Vlady a jar full of brownie ingredients for Christmas! It is such a simple and lovely gift to make and receive because then you they can make brownies whenever they want! This recipe makes quite a large brownie 20cmx28cm brownie tin.

It is a visually appealing gift and who wouldn’t love to receive brownie mix as a present??

Step 1: Ingredients and Equipment


-3/4 Cup white sugar

-3/4 Cup brown sugar

-3/4 Cup plain flour

-3/4 Cup cocoa powder (unsweetened)

-1/2 Cup white chocolate chips

-1/2 Cup milk chocolate chips


- 1 Litre glass jar

- 1-2 Plastic zip lock bags

- 1 Large spoon + 1 medium spoon

- Red or Colourful felt/ material

- 1 Rubber Band

- Black Thread

- Small card (for writing baking instructions)

- Pen

Step 2: Attach Card to Jar

Cut a small hole in the card. The best place is along the fold of the card then feed some thread through the hole and place a rubber band on the thread. tie a knot in the thread. Place the lid on top of the jar and put your chosen material on top. Then secure this in place with the rubber band and card. Remove the decorated lid and prepare the dry ingredients to be added.

Step 3: Make the Instruction Card

With the attached card make sure to include the following information. Preheat your oven to 160 degrees Celsius for a fan forced oven. Grease and line a 20cmx28cm brownie tin. In a large bowl whisk together the contents of the jar then add 3 beaten eggs, 1/2 cup melted butter and 1/2 cup vegetable oil and mix until well combined. Then bake in the oven for 35-45 minutes until a wooden skewer comes out clean.

Step 4: Layer the Ingredients in the Jar

This is a really simple gift to make but there are a few tricks that I have found when making these brownie jars. It is really important to put the finer ingredients like caster sugar in the jar first. If you put it above the cocoa powder it can sift through it, mixing up the layers. So To start I place the caster sugar in a ziplock bag and pour it to the bottom of a clean 1 liter jar to make it relatively flat. Then with a spoon place the cocoa powder on top of the sugar and pat it down flat. Then add the plain flour on top of the cocoa powder and flatten it down. Then add the brown sugar on top of all the rest of the layers and flatten this down, brown sugar will require more flattening than the other layers. Then finally add the chocolate chips on top.

Step 5: Seal the Jar

Once your ingredients are in the jar tightly close the lid and do any further decorations you desire (You could draw on it with colourful markers of paint).

This is such a great gift to make and you can use any left over fabric or cards for decorations. You can even get kids to help out with this and alternatively you could make smaller jars but you would need to alter the added eggs, butter and oil accordingly.

I also would recommend adding some sort of nut like macadamia or walnuts when cooking the brownies if you like nuts.

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