Introduction: Brushing Box

For this project you need:

1. A rectangular box, small to medium sized depending on the size of your cat.

2. Three combs, 8 inch minimum.

3. A hobby knife.

4. Duct tape.

5. A blanket or towel to put on the floor of the box (optional).

Your cat will be able to brush and massage him/herself with the combs and have a nice place to rest in afterwards. This project is super simple and really fun for you and your cat!

Step 1:

Draw a square door about 1 1/2 inches from the bottom and cut it out with a hobby knife. The width and height of the door depends on how big your cat is, but make sure there is about an inch and a half of extra room in the door to allow the cat and combs to fit comfortably.Use the cut-out piece of cardboard to trace another door on the opposite side and cut it out.

Step 2:

Tape the three combs on every side but the bottom and tape the box shut if needed. Put a blanket or towel on the bottom for comfort, and we are done! A super simple gift your cat will LOVE! Thanks for viewing and please vote for me!

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