Introduction: Bubble Wrap 60's Lamp

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With an ever-growing accumulation of bubble wrap, I began to wonder what I could do with all of it to make some kind of eye-popping decoration. I decided to create a simple flashlight opperated lamp with some everyday items I had lying around in my scrap bins. Now this groovy bubble wrap hanging lamp alluminates my reading corner at night, while its vibrant colors literally "pop"!  (I hope you enjoyed my punny bubble wrap joke)

  • 1 sheet of bubble wrap
  • Quaker oats can
  • Vibrant paint along with a neutral color
  • packaging tape
  • scissors
  • flashlight
  • string or hanger (optional)

Step1: Remove the lid and turn upside down. This is the way the lamp will hang.
Step 2: Paint the middle Quaker oats can with a vibrant color. If you are considering what kind of paint to use, I used acryllic.
Step 3: Paint the top of the can with a neutral color or complementing color. Set aside to dry, putting it in a high place where cats cannot jump and ruin your work!
Step 4: Cut a hole in the can's top the size of the handle (smaller end) of your flashlight.
Step 5: Using packaging tape, wrap the bubble wrap around the can and stick together.It the top of the bubble wrap comes up over the top of the can, bend it over and tape to the top.
Step 6: Feed the flashlight, handle first, through the inside of the can, letting it stop when the end gets stuck and can't go through the hole. The button on the flashlight should be on the outside along with the handle.
Step 7: If your flashlight has string, like mine in the picture, attached to the handle, and it hangs nicely where you want it, then great! Otherwise, attach string to the handle of the flashlight or add string to the already strung flashlight, and hang in the appropriate place. Another way to hang your new lamp is to slip the string handle over a hanger and hook it onto an object or curtain rod.

You have finished your lamp! Enjoy reading, writing, or just being awesome underneath it!

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