Introduction: Bucket Organizer

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So I have a problem yes I admit it I am extremely OCD when it comes to my shop . Here is what prompted this instructable I keep my adhesives on the opposite wall as my workbench . To fix this problem I decided to build a organizer ( like many of my other instructables ) . So stick around .

Step 1: The Needs

You will need

A drill
A drill bits
Old drywall bucket
Scrap work

So when you have all these things you are ready to go.

Step 2: Measure and Cut

First measure the bucket I am not giving any dimensions because all buckets are different . Then you can cut .

Step 3: Put It Together

For this step just drill the holes and then counter sink . Then drive the screws in till you are finished putting it together . When that is finished just hang the box .

Step 4: Finished

That's it just put the bucket in and fill and you are done .

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