Introduction: Bucket and Piping Repurposed Into Bucket With Support Pipe

Now that I am "getting up in age" I find anything that can aid me when bending down and standing back up while doing my chores is helpful. So I repurposed the following and made a bucket with a centrally mounted (stable) pipe ( almost like a cane) to help me when weeding and doing repairs around the house. Perhaps a metal bucket could be more durable, but this is my starting point as it seems to be the right size and weight for me.

Step 1: Treasures "repurposed"

BUCKET ( I had a five gallon plastic bucket) which I drilled an ~ 5/8" hole in at the center of the bottom of the bucket.
BUCKET LID ( I had a discarded five gallon bucket lid)
PIPES(3)) / CAPS(2) / "T" / Flange(1) ( I had various 1/2" galvanized)
BOLTS and NUTS ( I had an assortment of these that fit snugly though the flange holes. Lock washers could assure a secured fastening)

Step 2: Tools

Hole saw
Pliers or wrench

Step 3: Assembly of Above Into Carry Container With Support Pipe

After drilling the ~ 5/8" hole into 1) the bottom of the center of the bucket and 2) center if the lid...
Assemble the two 4" nipples into opposite ends of the "T", placing a cap on the ends.
Assemble the 18" L pipe to the other end of the "T", passing the other end through the drilled out bottom of the bucket and lid.
Screw on the flange to the other end of the 18" pipe.
Secure the flange to the bottom of the bucket by drilling four holes through the flange holes into the bucket.... secure with bolts and nuts ( lock washer too if you have them)
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