Introduction: Buddha Made Out of Clay

Hello everybody! This is Surya here! I had a great interest in art and this one is my very first attempt with modelling clay! This modelling clay is air dry type and so I had little tough time dealing with it as it hardens fast(not pretty fast though)!


1. Modelling clay (i chose air hard type)

2. clay modelling tools( purchased one set from an art store nearby)

3. Cardboard( any sort of cardboard will work)

4.Water( to adjust the hardening can sprinkle a little to adjust)

5. Iron wire( to design the skeleton of the shape)

6. Lots of patience and skill though!! Cheers, that's it !!!!!!

Step 1: Step-1: Sculpting the Face

I just took a lump of clay made it into an oval shape and then carved eyes and mouth!

Then I have added a bit of clay for cheeks, chin, nose and ears. And then carved shape out of it!

Step 2: Step-2

I made little pellets from the clay for hair!

Then sprinkled water onto the head part so that these pellets would stick properly and stay in place!

Step 3: Step-3: Carving Body!

For carving body, Initially, make the required skeletal shape from iron wire and then I have added cardboard for thickness! Rather than using entire clay to get the required thickness, I've decided to fake the thickness by adding cardboard because of which I can save clay and also the sculpture would be of less weight!

Place cardboard at the centre and add clay on front and back! carve remaining body out of it.

finally, I've added hands and dress!

Step 4: Step-4: Paint It!

Initially, I thought of leaving it in a natural white colour. But then decided to paint it!

Let the sculptured air dry for 2 hours and meanwhile check for any air cracks! If you find any air cracks sprinkle water and add some clay! Air cracks might form if you add a too thick layer of clay while sculpturing. even too thin layer will form cracks! make sure you use a clay layer of medium thickness!

While painting do not dilute the colours as it might overflow! I've used regular acrylic colours

After painting, let it sit for a while and make sure it is completely dry!

Finally, add acrylic gloss medium if you want glossy finish!

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