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Introduction: Bug Prank

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In this project I'm learning you how to make a bug out of cardboard and how to scare everybody with it, I would probably get scared of it if I had forgotten it

Step 1: Parts & Tools

The only things you will need for making this is:

    • Cardboard
    • Permanent marker
    • Pencil
    • knife or scissors

    Step 2: Bugs

    Select the bug you want to make.

    Step 3: Draw

    begin with drawing the body of your bug, than draw the details. It´s best to draw with a pencil first so you can erase if you have done anything wrong.

    Step 4: Final Touch

    Go over your lines with a marker and make the legs thicker so they won't break off when you cut the bug out.

    Step 5: Cutting

    Cut the bug out using a scissor or a knife.

    Step 6: Finish

    place your bug on the inside of a lamp, when somebody turns the light on they will see the shadow of an awful bug. If you have problems with getting the bug to hold still on the lamp than you can use some tape.


    If you have any questions or anything just post them in the comments below, and check out my other projects for more stuff to make :)

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      HAHA, those bags looks scary! ;)