Introduction: Build Any Lego Set With Instructions

As a kid who grew up with an innovative mind, Legos and toy cars was pretty much the only thing I played. The project started off when listed “Distance Learning with Tinkercad Contest.” I was originally planning on entering a contest for epoxy, however with all the Covid-19 going around (thank you to all the hard workers during these difficult times), and shipments coming in late, I decided to change gears and make something everyone can afford. I was playing Forza Horizon 4 for the most part during quarantine, so I decided to make a full piece Lego Ferrari F40 Competizione. Keep in mind this is a visual demonstration and example of what you could do, so if you choose to do something else like the infamous Lego Millennium Falcon, go right ahead.


Step 1: Find Inspiration

Finding inspiration, such as a Lego set that matches with the current theme of what movie you are watching or enjoying, really gets you motivated to work harder and make the piece of work even more astonishing. For me, I enjoy the concept of expensive hypercars, so I chose the Ferrari F40 Competizione. Go online and find a certain Lego set you like. Not everything might appease you, so keep finding till the perfect Lego set comes to you.

Step 2: Find Instructions

I set a link in the supplies section for all the building instructions. The only thing you need is to find the Lego Set number, usually five to seven digits long located in the front of the box. If you already have the instructions in person, this step is unnecessary.

Step 3: Follow Instructions With Research

By far the longest stage thus far, going step by step can take hours, days, or weeks depending what Lego set you choose. Understanding how Lego Units work and applying numbers with it for scale can be challenging sometimes. For the purpose of simplicity, I chose to do 1 mm x 1 mm for every lego unit. Keep in mind that for every “circle” count, each piece is five lego units standard length and width. For each lego block, I set my units as 2 mm high for scale. Setting the snap grid to a certain degree can also help you connect things more precisely. Adjust accordingly for what dimensions you choose.

The Lego Ferrari F40 Competizione has fifty seven steps, however keep in mind some pieces are filler or unnecessary. If a certain piece is frustrating to make, innovate and find another way to make it! Not everyone was meant to be lego creators. Lego also tends to make stickers to go along with the set for pure aesthetics. When these steps show up, skip it.

Step 4: Fine Tune and Scale

If any piece does not fit your desire, you can always fine tune some numbers or delete them if needed to satisfy you. Do not be afraid to be creative, and changing some things up to suit your affinity can become a game changer. Remember to adjust numbers to fit the size that you want. Double check your units, as it could be the difference between microscopic print and gigantic.

Step 5: Download and Finish

Once everything is done, you can download it and 3D print it out. From there, you just finished building a Lego Set with instructions. I enjoyed making this set, and I hope you did too.