Introduction: Build My Bi-plane

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Hey all you makers out there, this is my first Insturctables, so go easy on me. The bi-plane model here is one I designed for a little girl at my church as a challenge to build a plane for one of her tiny little figurine and I mean tiny. She loved it! but the file just sat on my computer until one of friends said I ought to put here on Instructables so other can make one too, so here I go.

Step 1: Download Plane... 3mm Ply Needed

First download the DXF file and import to your laser software, with all selected you should have an overall dimension of 170mm x 170mm if not make it so. There should be three layers, one engrave, one high speed low power cut to draw lines, and one to cut, you can use only the cut layer to make the plane pictured on this page. I included the other two layer to show you some more possibilities, feel free to edit, and make it your own. The material must be 3mm ply for all your notches to come out right, if not this file will be useless without much editing.

Step 2: Let's Get Started..

First take the smaller wing and the two side walls and slide the wing through the two side pieces , the single notch should face forward and wall should be thicker under the wing then on top. With a toothpick put glue in all the small square holes. now place the wing flat on the table by sliding to the edge as shown, place the uprights in the holes as shown, place it in the front hole first and slightly pull it to get the back part in the back hole. Careful not to put to much pressure or you might break the upright. Push both down until they hit the table and can't go any more. Turn the wing around and do the same on the other side of the wing, make sure the the uprights match the ones on the left side. Wipe of any excess glue and set aside to dry....

Step 3: Assemble the Small Stuff

Mount the machine guns to top deck, place a small scrap of wood if you like to make the guns stand up. Make the wheel assembly as shown, just follow the pictures. The motor goes together by gluing two big disc on top of each other, now the glue the eight small disc around the outer edge ( if this is not clear just look at the picture of the finished model.) Glue the prop in the middle. Glue the two tail pieces like the the photo, and as always wipe off excess glue and let dry.

Step 4: Top Wing Assembly

This by far the hardest part, so take it slow and be patient with yourself. Glue the small holes as the smaller wing and place wing upside down on the table now place the lower wing on top, lining the uprights over the match holes in the upper wing. Start by placing the part upright that has two pieces coming together in first then the other side and work your way across the wing from one end to the other. When you have them all started then press down until they bottom out on the table. It's all down hill from here.

Step 5: Cockpit

Place the upper deck to the two side pieces between the two wings. Just in up the holes, place the bottom on and finally the front . Wipe off excess glue. Now that was easy wasn't it?

Step 6: Final Step

Glue on the fuselage sides on and the bottom lone triangle, mount the wheels and glue the tail assembly in it' slot. Does it look like the photos? Now you are read to fly..... Good luck

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