Introduction: Spin It to Win It...

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This is the game I designed for a lady that was going on a missions trip to Africa, she wanted something easy to put together that the kids could make and decorate themselves and have fun with. This is one of the games that went and they loved them.

Step 1: What You Will Need…

You will need to download the AI file, wood ( I used 3 mm ply), glue, toothpicks, cardboard or matboard, and whatever you want to use to decorate it with.

Step 2: Let's Put It Together…

First assemble the game holder by gluing the mat board to the back of the frame. Cut a toothpick in half and force it into one of the seven top shapes, GIVE IT A TEST SPIN, repeat six more times. Make six toothpicks into game markers by cutting off the tips on both ends. Color them if you like.

Step 3: Decorating

Use whatever you want - paint, markers, gel pens, or even finger nail polish to decorate your tops, but choose only three colors, painting two wedges the same color, as pictured in the first photos. Feel free to decorate the game board, home row and marker pegs. (Sorry about the example I was in a hurry) take your time and do a better job.

Step 4: Let's Play : Rules

Players 2-6

1. Each player takes one of the tops numbered 1-6 and picks a home base on one side of the board, and places a peg in the start hole.

2. Everyone drops their top on the play surface, and the largest number is the first game top spinner.

3. Everyone spins their top, and then the game top (the top with no numbers) is spun. The game top determines who will win that round.

a. If the game top lands on a color - anyone with the same color moves their peg one space across his or her base.

b. If it lands on H - then the player with the highest number wins, if there is a tie then both players move their peg

c. If it lands on L - then the player with the lowest number wins, if there is a tie then both players move their peg

d. If it lands on ? - then the player who spun the game top gets to call, H,L , or color.

4. That ends the rounds, and the winner of the round spins the game top in the next round.

5. Play continues until someones peg reaches the other side of their home base, if two or more reach home on the the same round there will be a spin-off to determine the winner. Highest number, longest spin, you decide.

6. Feel free to make up your own rules, make it yours, design your own tops, but must of all have fun and as always keep making...

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