Introduction: Build a Haunted House With Lego & Faya-nugget

Happy Halloween!

OK, it is still almost six months away, yet I still want to show you guys how to use Lego & faya-nugget modules to build a interactive haunted house. Roll your sleeves up!

Step 1: Things You'll Need

1. Arduino Nano (we use a fully compatible fayaduino Nano instead)

2. Half-size breadboard (In this Instructable, a faya-nugget breadboard, which also compatible with Lego)

3. A faya-nugget touch button

4. 2 faya-nugget RGB LED

5. Lego Bricks

6. Jump Wires

- You can find all the electronics on -

Step 2: Wiring

Wiring: Module Pin => Arduino Pin

Firstly, we have to connect Touch Button and Nano.

Out => D2

And then we use two RGB Led for the ghost light

R => D9

G => D10

B => D11

Step 3: Power Up

Connect all the power lines of faya-nuggets.

Make sure to connect all nuggets with red-black nugget power wire. Don't forget to connect the 5V and GND with fayaduino Nano.

Step 4: Upload the Sketch

Download this sketch and upload the code to Arduino.

Then you can use the Touch Button to switch between different ghost light mode,

Step 5: Build Up the Spooky Scene

Step 6: Have You Seen the Ghost?

And the bloodstains...