Introduction: How to Build a Pallet Sofa Step by Step

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Step 1: Choosing Your Seat Hight!

Your Seat Hight Depends on the number of the Pallets you have on hand, or what you are comfortable with, if you have a thick Foam, you only need 2,but i choose 3 pallets for the seat and 1 for the backrest. Choose the Best pallet for the seat, so you don't have big Gaps, Damages and you don't have to sand much!

Step 2: Cutting Your Backrest to Hight

Pick the Pallet for the Backrest, measure from the side that you want to be the top of the backrest 50cm or 19 3/4inch, cut it with the Handsaw or a Jigsaw.

You can put the cutoff to the side and take it apart, maybe you need 2 longer slats to fill in the gaps on your backrest like i did.

Step 3: Bottom Backrest Supports

Cut pieces from the cutoff that we made earlier you need around 30cm or 12inch, Place 1 on each side on the backside of the rest as shown in the picture so that it overlaps at least 2 boards.

Drill your holes 2per overlapping boards, the screw length depends on your board thickness in most cases are 35mm or 1 1/2 inch screws enough. Than you can slide the Backrest in the seat part of your sofa.

Step 4: Finishing Your Pallet Sofa

You need 2 pieces to 52cm or 20 1/2 inches length ( you can take the cutoff pallet as you know)

Adjust the angle from Your Backrest so that it will fit your needs. Than you can Drill your holes and screw the Supports on each side with 4 pieces 50mm or 2inch screws

Flip your Seat (with the Backrest mounted) upside down and screw the lower backrest supports( the 30cm / 12inch board) to the boards from the seat using 2x 1 1/2 inch screws.

For more stability so that your Sofa wont move you can screw your stacked pallets together.

I added later two side pieces from a pallet as armrests, you can drill some holes in it for Bottle/Glass holder.

You can make Drawers that will fit into the pallet holes, or you can add a shelf to some drawer slides so that you can pull out a feet rest.

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