Introduction: Build a High-reach Tool With Household Items

Are you having trouble reaching stuff on that top shelf? This Instructable will solve that problem. I made this in less than ten minutes, and it cost me nothing!!

Step 1: Items Needed...

You will need:
1-brake lever w/perch
1-brake cable
1-hose clamp
1-mop or broom handle
1-small carriage bolt w/ nut & washer
Drill bit

Step 2: Drill...

Drill a small hole in both clamp handles. Then secure to the end of a mop handle, withe the hose clamp.

Step 3: Feed...

Feed the cable through the bottom handle and attach to the top of the handle with a carriage bolt. I drilled a hole through the bolt to better accompany the cable.

Step 4: Secure...

Secure the cable with zip ties.

Step 5: Attach...

Attach the cable to your brake lever, and secure it to the mop handle.