Introduction: Build a Saw From a Used Clingwrap Dispenser

I went to make a sandwich earlier and saw that someone used up all the clingwrap, I went to put it into the recycling bin and feeling the cutting edge gave me an idea. Can I make a saw out of this?

So I went to work, and 10 minutes and a sandwich later, I have a saw!

It's not the best, but what do you want for a recycled clingwrap dispenser!

it will cut plastic quite well, and probably thin peices of wood. I would assume if you used it too much the blade will get warm and melt the glue, but I have not tried it that much.

Things you will need:
> Clingwrap dispenser (mainly the blade and the cardboard tube inside
> Paperclips
> Hotglue
> Pliers or something to manipulate the paperclips.
> scissors (I only used them to poke holes in the tube)

Step 1: Removing the Blade and Prepping the Tube

Ok, first we need to carefully remove the blade from the cardboard. Try not to bend it too much. Less kinks in the blade the better.

We also need to put holes in the tube, try and align these holes with holes on the blade, make sure the holes go through the other side of the tube too.

Flatten two paperclips, these will hold the blade.

Step 2: Preparing the Blade Assembly

bend the two paperclips in half (or near as possible, I didn't do too good :P )

Insert one end of the paperclip into a hole on the blade that aligns with a hole on the tube you made before. do the same at the other end of the blade.

you could probably add more that 2 paper clips with more holes down the tube and blade, it may make it more stable, but I settled for 2.

When the paperclip is through the blade, squash it with the pliars so it doesn't wobble around.

Step 3: Fitting Blade

Insert the other ends of the paperclips into the holes on the tube.

Pull with the pliars to pull the blade to the tube, bend the paperclips so they have a good grip.

put hotglue eitherside of the blade where the paperclip is so the blade stays pointing up from the tube.

Step 4: Keeping the Blade Straight

now we have the first part glued, we now need to get the rest in place.

pull the blade firmly to keep it straight, while pulling, add glue down either side and hold it till it had cooled enought to hold it in place.

add some glue to the places where you bend the paperclips round so they don't come loose (I forgot to get pictures of that part )

Step 5: Testing the Saw

Whats an instructable without a test-run.

I took an old pill bottle, I will make 3 cuts to test the saw.

and it works :)

Thanks for reading this instructable.

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