Introduction: Build-in Cupboard

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Here i want to show you the step by step for my build-in cupboard from my

Step 1: Planing

Here are the dimensions and plans

Step 2: Building the Closets, Cutting and Screwing

I used beech-woodplates of 200 cm x 60 cm

Step 3: Assembling

after the 2 sided closets where ready i assembled the middle part, same procedure but the closet was bigger to permit to build in the stove

Step 4: Doors

I just black acrylic plates, cutted to fit and glewed on the doorplanks

Step 5: Varnish

Step 6: Door Handles

after everything was mounted and fitted i added the door handles

Step 7: Installing the Build-in Cupboard in the Kitchen Room

and voila...finished

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