Introduction: Building

By following these instructions, you will be able to make a tall building.

Step 1: Step !

Start by creating a new sketch, then making a 80 mm by 120 mm rectangle starting from the origin.

Step 2: Step 2

Use the extrude tool in the create section to create a 200 mm extrude.

Step 3: Step 3

On the top of the box, draw two vertical lines 25 mm away from the sides. Make sure that the lines are parallel to the 80 mm edges. Then, use the center arc tool under arc to make an indent in the four corners. To do this, click where the line you drew intercepts the edges. Then, put 6 mm in the field that appears, click with the mouse, enter 90 degrees in the angle box that pops up, then press enter. Repeat this for each of the corners on the inside.

Step 4: Step 4

Select the extrude tool, then click on the two side rectangles and the arcs you made. Then, put in a distance of -70 mm so you make a cut. Make sure the operation field says cut, then press OK.

Step 5: Step 5

Select all of the edges shown on the picture, then go to modify-fillet. Make it a 5 mm fillet, then press okay. Then go to the other side and select the opposite edges and add the same fillet.

Step 6: Step 6

Create a 40 mm by 50 mm rectangle at the bottom of the front side of the building (One of the long sides, it doesn't matter which). Use the dimension tool by pressing d on the keyboard or going to sketch-sketch dimension to make the distance between each side of the door and the side of the wall 35 mm by click the edge of the door while the dimension tool is active, the clicking the side of the wall and entering a value of 35 mm. Then, add a second rectangle inside of the door, and use the dimension tool to create a 2 mm distance between the two rectangles all around. Click stop sketch, then select the 2 mm frame you created and make a 3 mm extrude.

Step 7: Step 7

Create another sketch on the surface of the door (not the frame you extruded). Draw a 7 mm center diameter circle near the right side of the frame, about half way up. Then, select the dimension tool and make the center of the circle 25 mm away from the bottom part of the frame and 9 mm away from the right side of the frame. After that, select the circle and extruded it 2 mm.

Step 8: Step 8

Create a new sketch on the circle you extruded. Create another center diameter circle starting at the center of the extruded circle, and make the diameter 10 mm. Then, select the entire circle and extruded it 2 mm. You may have to select the outer part and the inner part separately, so make sure all of it is selected.

Step 9: Step 9

On the top of the building, create a new sketch. Make a rectangle, then use the dimension tool to make sure that the edges are 12 mm away from their closest parallel edge. Afterwards, stop the sketch and select the extrude tool. Select the rectangle you just made, then change the distance to 70 mm and press OK.

Step 10: Step 10

Hold shift and select the four highlighted edges in the picture and add a 5 mm fillet to them.

Step 11: Step 11

On top of the building, create a new sketch on the top profile. Make a rectangle in the center of the face, then select the dimension tool. Make the distance between the long sides of the rectangle and long sides of the building 9 mm. Then, make the distance between the final two edges 11 mm. Afterwards, stop the sketch and use the sketch to make a 50 mm extrude by selecting the face.

Step 12: Step 12

Use the fillet tool to apply a 7.5 mm fillet to all of the highlighted edges in the picture. Then, select the chamfer tool (Under Modify) and click the four top edges of the building. Set the distance to 7.5 mm, then press OK.

Step 13: Step 13

On the side of the building with the door, create two 32 mm long by 20 mm tall rectangles on each side of the building. Use the dimension tool to make the distance from the top of the rectangle to the line above it where the fillet starts 15 mm (see picture for example). Then make the distance from the outer edge of the rectangle to the edge of the building 12 mm. Stop the sketch, then select the extrude tool. Click on the two rectangles you made, and extrude them each 5 mm.

Step 14: Step 14

Start a sketch in one of the windows and make a rectangle. Use the dimension tool to make all of the edges 3 mm away from the window. Then, select the new rectangle and make an extrude. Put in a distance of -4 mm and set the operation to cut. Do this for both of the windows. Finally, select the four outer edges of each frame and add a 1.5 mm fillet.

Step 15: Step 15

Congratulations! You finished! It should look something like this.