Introduction: Building Block Alternative Wedding Guest Book


We've all played that game where you have to pull a block out of the tower without toppling them all... Yeah, you know the one. Guest books are lovely, but most of the time they will gather dust after the big day. And a poster or print that everybody signs is lovely too, but what if your walls are already heaving with artwork? This is a fun and original alternative, a game that you can play in years to come, maybe with the children of your marriage. As you remove each block you can read the well wishes again, remember your special day surrounded by loved ones, and share the joy and memories over again!

Step 1: Acquire Blocks

You can make the blocks yourself - any size, so long as they are three times as long as they are wide - from pine. But if you don't fancy all that sawing and sanding you can buy a set of blocks and it is a lot quicker and easier! The brand-name sets aren't ideal, as they already have their trademark engraved into them, but generic versions are ideal, as not only are they cheaper, they are completely blank, ready for you to add your own engraving.

Step 2: Create Artwork

You can add whatever you like to the blocks, but we chose to keep things simple with the names of the bride and groom one side of the block, and date of the wedding on the other. We chose an engraved-style font, Ecuyer Dax from Once we had added our text we resized it to fit onto our blocks. Once we had created these simple cut-files in LaserCut, we used a laser cutter to engrave them.

Step 3: Engrave Blocks Using Laser

We then used the laser to engrave the blocks. Although we are engraving them, we used the 'cut' setting to do this as the design is small and intricate. We used more of the blocks to support the ones being lasered, with magnets on the honeycomb bed holding everything in place for us.

Step 4: Create a Sign

You might need a sign for the table to let people know what they're supposed to do. Most people will pick it up pretty quickly, but, ya know. That's the thing about weddings. With so many people milling around, you never quite know. We created a cute and punny sign in a font to match our blocks, ready to frame and place on the table.

Step 5: Enjoy the Wedding!

After that, it is a simple matter of planning a wedding, making it down the aisle, and assembling all of your loved ones in the same place, at the same time so that they can sign a block each. I know, easy right?

I hope you like this project!

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