Introduction: Building Ghouls and Demons for Halloween

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When my kids decided they were to old for trick or treat we decided to have a Halloween party of course that meant decorating the yard. Over the next 15years or so the decorations have grown into a yearly Haunted House with somewhere around 14-1600sq feet of enclosed scream enducing fun. To see last years Haunt please see my "ible" here

We've already started building the Haunts structure for the 2010 Haunt and adding a few new creatures. Sorry for any lack of before type pics but I think you'll get the idea as with many "ibles"  this is just the way I repurposed one thing to make something totally different

Step 1: Debbie Demon

For this sweet little demon we start out with a life size doll I found at a yard sale for $2us, cover the eyes with tape and then using white, black,blue and green spray paint give the doll a zombie looking skin tone. Paint in some arched eyebrows, bright red lips, dark eye circles and dress her in a hodge podge of childrens costumes

Step 2: Baby Bones

This one is almost to easy, stuff an infants costume with plastic bags, add a skull and your done. ( Im probably going to add some pvc pipe to help it sit straight)

Step 3: The Creature

Ive been calling this one Spiderman but it only has 6 appendages so maybe its more like antman? This was one of those mad scientist moments that sometimes hit in the middle of doing something else. My daughter in law works at a medical school, when the school upgraded its skelatons she managed to salvage the old ones. Starting out with a couple boxes of disarticulated skelatons I put 3 together well enough to use in a Haunted House but there were still a lot  of various bones and then the mad scientist moment ! Theres no right way to accomplish this, just a lot of holding pieces up and making them fit. "He" may not even be done, If I can figure out a way to use the femurs (thigh bones)

Step 4: More to Come

As we work to get our Haunt open I'll try to take pics of the process and post an "ible" of anything interesting or complicated and of course watch for the 2010 edition of How to haunt your Yard with help from instructables coming in November 2010

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