Introduction: Building Sawhorses Done in 14 Minutes

Building sawhorses - Useful home-made literally from firewood, a door hinge and a piece of chain. Everyone can assemble, you will need a minimum of tool.

Step 1: I Still Have Trimmed Boards, Laid the Floors, Took the Board 150 * 40. Making Goats From Such a Board Will Be Too Cumbersome.

Step 2: Therefore, We Measure Out 100 Mm.

Step 3: and We Open the Board, There Will Still Be Bars of 50 Mm. 😉

Step 4: We Twist, Adjust to Size, I Did 80 Cm. for My Purposes, This Is the Ideal Height.

Step 5: We Take Two Boards and Make a Cut at 30 Degrees.

Step 6: We Connect Them Together Using a Door Hinge.

Step 7: We Take a Chain, You Can Replace It With a Cable, But I Have Long Had 5 Meters of This Chain Lying Around.

Step 8: It Will Be in the Role of a Limiter in Width, Legs Made at 30 Degrees.

Step 9: on Both Sides We Install the Crossbar.

Step 10: You Can Add a Lower Crossbar, But for My Tasks, It Is Not Required.

Step 11: Here Is Such a Convenient Option, They Add Up Quickly, Reliable, You Can Do It in Literally 30 Minutes.

Step 12: And So They Look in a Working Position.

Step 13: Withstand a Load of More Than 100 Kg. Already Verified Personally.

Step 14: Video Version

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