Introduction: Russian Dumplings Barbecue

I bought dumplings in the store, now I will show a new Russian recipe.

Step 1:

Pour the frozen dumplings into a bowl.

Step 2:

Sticky dumplings need to be disconnected.

Step 3:

We will fry on a deep lattice so that dumplings do not fly out.

Step 4:

Be sure to grease the grate with sunflower oil.

Step 5:

Add ketchup and mayonnaise to your liking.

Step 6:

Mix thoroughly, this sauce will not allow dumplings to stick to the wire rack and the taste will be completely different.

Step 7:

We spread the dumplings on a wire rack.

Step 8:

And off to the street. A lot of coal is not needed, otherwise everything will burn.

Step 9:

You need to fry for 15-20 minutes.

Step 10: Do Not Forget to Flip.

Step 11: ​Remove From the Grill, Cut and Check for Readiness.

Here is such a simple and original way, we get baked dumplings with soft dough.

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