Introduction: Building a Cubo 18 and Modified Cubo 8 Subwoofer

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Two builds of a Cubo subwoofer started somewhat at the same time. I tried to document it with pictures. I hope more people will build it. :)

Step 1: Cubo 18

The Cubo 18 buildschematics are online for free. The build was really pleasant because it is very well thought out. For the handle i made a simple one using layered wood. Cheap and looks pleasent!

Step 2: Sound Tests of the Cubo 18

I cannot describe how happy i was when it worked really well. It appeared some structural reinforcement was needed because a lot of stress is build up in the enclosure. With only a small amount of power the bass is very noticeable.

Later in the process i have made a 2 other sounds tests:

Step 3: Modified Cubo 8

I gave my friend a 8 inch subwoofer to play around with. He abused it a lot so i told him he better makes one that lasts at high volumes. We bought a secondhand identical subwoofer (8 inch subwoofer from JBL SCS75) for only 20 euro's! Including the warnex and mdf a steal.

Step 4: Sound Tests of the Modified Cubo 8

Because getting a nice warnex finish is harder than was anticipated for the finished modified Cubo 8 got delayed a lot. Luckily it was finished right before his birthday. Combined with two JBL desk speakers the sound is really detailed and nice.

First soundtest with dampening:

Finished product for his birthday:

Soundtest at his home including the new amplifier rack we made for these speakers:

Step 5: Finished Product

A lot of time went by before i finished painting the Cubo 18. Now i have finally done it and made pictures. A lot of thanks to Johan, the designer of the cubo.