Building a Prototype Radialstrahler Speaker




Introduction: Building a Prototype Radialstrahler Speaker

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In the search of building the best 360 degree bluetooth speaker i came across the radialstrahler. The company MBL made a nice speaker using the design principle. I wanted to make a prototype to see how well it works.

Step 1: Ideas

First i had to know how i can replicate it the best. MBL has uploaded a video on youtube which gives a lot of information about how they did it. To close the gaps between the sheets of the globe they use some kind of w-rubber strip. I couldn't find something similar to use, so i had to do it with the materials i had. I used a JBL CS-4 as donor and was able to make a nice mockup.

Step 2: Finished Prototype

First try i had a lot of wobble during a bass note as you can hear in the video:

To fix it i added a bipolar capacitor to filter the lower notes away and stiffend the sheets. It already sounded a lot better but the efficiency of the speaker is still horrible. Feeding a signal at the same amount of amplification to another speaker sounds a lot louder. Maybe adding that unique w-rubber strip helps but i decided anyway this kind of speaker wouldn't end up in the 360 degree bluetooth speaker. This is how it sounded at the last moment:

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    4 years ago

    This kind of speaker is supposed to cover a 360° zone, so there's no room for the case !

    this hardware needs much more power than standard, moreover it is totally
    unuseful for lower frequencies because they are already largely spreaded


    4 years ago

    I think in order to make a fair comparison btwn speakers fed with the same signal you need to place both in a compartment. Also, they'd need to be at least of the same size, if not the same model/brand. Bare speaker would never sound loud enough due to the back wave to cancel the front sound wave, etc.


    4 years ago

    still, very nice prototype and experiment. Thanks for showing us how!