Introduction: Building a SLINGSHOT From Scratch (step by Step)

And slingshot is one of those projects on the must make a list. If you make it from a single piece of wood the arms have a tendency of breaking off. Are used a piece of plywood and was very pleased with the result. In this video I go through it step-by-step on exactly how I made the entire slingshot

Step 1: Drafting

I just drew the the slingshot on a piece of plywood. Plywood has grain going in multiple directions which makes it really strong! My old one was just a single piece of wood and the arms just snapped off!

Step 2: Cut Out the Shape

To get the correct curve I used a 2" forstner and drilled a hole along the curve. Then I cut around the out line with my bandsaw.

Step 3: Shaping

Once you have it cut out I cleaned up the outside with a disk sander and a file. I wanted to add some round edges, to do this I used the router. The router left some burs and burn marks, to get rid of these I spent A LOT of time sanding! (It was worth it though)

Step 4: Finish

Since I spent sooo much time sanding I had to put a nice finish on it, I used lacquer. I cant be happier with the finish!

Step 5: Insetting the Rubber Band

To install the rubber bands I just cut two slots and slid them in to there slots

Step 6: Have Fun!!

Now we can do some target practice! This thing really hits hard!!!!

Step 7: Just Kidding

It hits hard but not that hard. Those picture were from a 12 gauge! Hope you have fun trying to make yours!!

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