Introduction: How SMALL Are Deer Ticks and How to PROTECT Ourselves From Them (lyme Disease)

Chances are you’ve heard of deer ticks, and you may have heard how small they actually are. Well it’s difficult to imagine how small they really are until you see one. Lyme disease is not cool, so prevention is an absolute necessity. By being able to recognize these small nymph deer ticks will drastically prevent Lyme disease for you and your loved ones. I saw a tick crawling on someone’s arm, so we pulled it off put it on a microscope so you can really get a good view of what they look like big and small. In the video I also go through some techniques that I use to help prevent these ticks from latching onto you

Step 1: These Guys Are Really Small!!

It might be hard to believe something this small can case so much damage! If you were writing your name and you went to dot the "i" this deer tick is about that size!

Step 2: Protection

There are two different types of insect repellent that really work. First you want to find some with "deet" as an active ingredient. This is the stuff we use the most. Second is "permanone". Permanone is not something you want to spray on your skin. Permanone was developed by the military and works the best. This stuff you can spary on you boots, coats, shoes, hats, etc. Permanone will actually kill the tick will try to crawl up on your shoes.

Step 3: Where Do the Ticks Live?

One way to prevent ticks from getting on you is to know where the ticks live. The tick hang out right where you enter and exit the woods. If you know where they live you can take more precautionary measures.

Step 4: Where Can I Get These "insect Repellents"?

Really you can get them at Walmart and really any other store. I also found some online, here are the links:

Deet: Aerosol spray can, Hand spray pump

Permanone: Aerosol spray can