Introduction: RESTORE Center Wheel Hubs (audi) Almost Free (save $50 Each)

These new hubs are about $50 a piece, a little paint and they’ll could be beautiful again!! In this Instructable I show you how to make them look decent again for next to nothing!!

Step 1: Paint Prep

Before I painted this I removed the chrome ring so it would be easier to paint. Then I cleaned the paint surface with rubbing alcohol so the paint will adhere better.

Step 2: Paint Coat #1

This is always the hardest coat to spray on, everyone always wants to see it SHINE on the first coat. If you laid it on on heavy on the first coat the paint could all break off in one sheet! This is why the first coat goes on VERY light, almost a dust coat.

Step 3: Paint Coat #2

The second coat goes one a little heavier than the first. You should start to see an even finish appear on the piece.

Step 4: Final Coat! (Coat #3)

The third coat gets laid on VERY heavy! Spray the paint as think and heavy as you can get it without running. You will really see the paint SHINE now! We let the paint dry overnight to make sure it was fully cured. Now that the paint is dry you can take off the masking tape(my favorite part!).

Step 5: Reassemble

When we took the chrome ring off we broke some of the tabs because they are VERY small and VERY thin. To reattach it back on we used two-part 5 minute Epoxy.

Step 6: Admire Your Work!!

Congrats!! You just saved $50! This looks SO SO SO much better one the car! The difference between the old one and the new one is HUGE!!

If you don't believe me that these are $50 here the link to eBay: Center Wheel Caps

There are two different styles of wheel caps. If you look online they might look the same from the pictures but if you look closer the mechanism that holds them on is different. One style is more expensive than the other, of course the style we have is the more expensive kind. The other style you can get all four for $25!