Introduction: Building a Small Generator

Building the generator is going to be tough. To build this generator, you need to follow the directions on this instructables very carefully, you need to buy the supplies listed on the next step, you need to be creative and don't be afraid to ask for help, and you need to stick with it and not give up no matter how hard it is and no matter how many tries it takes. You got this. There is a link to a video on how to build it and a supplies list if the instructables is not helpful enough.

Step 1: Supplies / Website and Video


4 - 1x2x5cm ceramic magnet

1 - #30 Magnet wi re 200ft, 1 - Miniature Lamp, 1.5V 25mA

1 - Cardboard strip, 8cm x 30.4cm 1 - Large nail, 8cm long or more

Misc. - Knife or sandpaper to strip the wires

Misc. - tape to hold wire down Optional: hand drill or electric drill to spin it (hand drill is best)

Note: if you use different parts, then it won't work. (the link for a video on how to make it and the supplies list and where to buy it)

Step 2: Making the Box

Grab your cardboard box, and cut out a piece 8cm by 23cm. then fold the cardboard at the 8cm, 3.5 cm, 8cm, and the 3.5cm marks. Then tape the box closed so it doesn't open up.

Step 3: Prepping the Box for the Nail

After the box is made, you have to make the box so the nail can go through it. You need to find the middle of the large side of the box. Using a ruler run it from the top left corner to the bottom right corner and make a line with a pencil, then do the same with the other corners. Then, put the nail in the spot where the two lines meet.Make sure to put it so it pierces through both sides of the box

Step 4: Wrapping the Box in Copper Wire

After your box is prepped for the nail with holes on both sides, it needs to be wrapped with copper wire. Make sure you run it around the whole box, and not where the holes on the top and bottom of the box are. Make sure not to cover the nail hole and not to make the wire too tight because then your box collapses and makes problems.

Step 5: Prepping the Wire for Attachment to the Light Bulb

Once you have your copper wire wrapped around the box 200-300 times. You need to make sure it is ready to attach to the light bulb. To do this you need a piece of sandpaper. Then, you rub off the varnish (The red stuff on the wire) on the end of the wire, so the insulator is gone and the electricity can flow.

Step 6: Finishing the Building of the Generator

Now that you have your wire all ready, you need a way to generate the electricity. To do this you need to put the nail through the hole, and then put your magnets on the nail so they are on the opposite sides of each other.

Step 7: Making Electricity!

Now that you have the generator built, it's time to make electricity. To do this, you have to put the ends of the wire that you took the varnish off earlier and attach them to the light bulb. To make the light bulb light up, you need the magnets to spin. To do that you grab both ends of the nail, and spin it until the magnets spin fast enough to generate electricity.

It works because when the magnets spin the electromagnetic field makes electricity and because the wire surrounds the box, the electricity flows into the wire and to the light bulb, making light.