Introduction: Bulb Art

By: Adam Zawaideh, Graham Eschrich, Niko Jones, Brandon Cushman

Step 1: Gather Materials

Items needed: 1. Finished lightbulbs(s) 2. Needle nose pliers 3. Screw driver 4. Protective glasses 5. Towel or something to protect hands 6. Trash for glass

Step 2: Hollow Out Your Bulb

To be able to put things into your bulb you first need to hollow it out. You first need to remove the screw from the top of the light bulb, you then have to use the pliers to remove all black glass, once that is done you need to gently knock out the glass from inside the bulb using the screwdriver, and finally remove the leftover glass.

Step 3: Use Your Imagination

Now that your recycled bulb is hollowed out and ready to go you can use your imagination and make anything you can thing of.

Step 4: Our Creations 1-6

1. Candle 2. Aquarium* 3. Spice rack 4. Necklace 5. Oil candle 6. Bulb flower

Step 5: 1st Tutorial

What you need: 1. Any old Candle 2. Lightbulb To make this all you need to do is stick the candle within the bulb to make a cool base for your candle.

Step 6: 2nd Tutorial

What you need: 1. Bulb 2. Fish 3. Scenery To make this cool fish tank what you will need to do is pre fill the bulb with your scenery. Once that is done you can put the fish and water in and you have your aquarium.

Step 7: 3rd Tutorial

What you need: 1. Bulbs 2. Spices 3. Tape 4. Egg carton To make your spice container you have to fill the bulb with your spice. Once the spices are in put your tape over the top and poke hills on the top. After you have your spice containers made you can use your egg carton for a spice rack.

Step 8: 4th Tutorial

What you need: 1. Bulb 2. String This is a simple yet cool creation. To make this one you tie your string the bulb to make a nice piece of jewelry.

Step 9: 5th Tutorial

What you need: 1. Bulb 2. Candle wick 3. Oil 4. Bottle cap To make this oil candle all you need to do is take your empty bulb and full half way with oil. Once the bulb is filled you can place the wick in and feed through your bottle cap for support. Once that is in you can light it up and your ready to go.

Step 10: 6th Tutorial

What you need: 1. Multiple bulbs 2. Hot glue 3. Artificial candle Hot flue all your bulbs together to make your flower. Once they are all glued together put it on top of your artificial candle to make a well lit bulb flower.

Step 11: Eco Friendly?

The reason our projects are environmentally friendly is because bulbs are not recyclable. By reusing all these bulbs we are saving a lot of garbage that otherwise would be wasted filling land fills. We had bulbs that measured: 3 cubic inches 20.4 cubic inches 16.48 cubic inches .6 cubic inches Averaging all these out the average volume of a lightbulb is 10.12 cubic inches. For our project we used the equation: (10.12 cubic inches)x is equal to our amount of space saved in landfills from light bulbs. Our result was 91.08 cubic in saved. If everyone were to collect there dead bulbs and use them and or donate them for these small projects we can save mass amount if space that is shoved into landfills. We calculated how this would help at different levels and we got: At 100 bulbs save: 1,012 cubic in 1,000: 10,120 cubic in 50,000: 50,600 cubic in
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