Bullet Lanyard

Introduction: Bullet Lanyard

A couple weeks ago my uncle and I went to the shooting range.Since I have always been taught to pick up after my self I picked up ALL of the spent casings on the ground.I was either going to sell the brass or make something out of them, so I tried to get some ideas on projects to make and I remembered my awesome camo lanyard broke and I was in need of a new one for school(they probably won't like my idea) so I made this.

materials list:
•paracord(I used the cheap $2.00 stuff from Walmart
•lobster clip(any clip to attach my ID to )
•Spent casing (I used a 6mm rifle cartridge)
•Drill press
*WARNING* please make sure the shell you use is already shot off. I will not be responsible if and when you get hurt when it explodes

Step 1: Find a Shell

Find a shell you want on your lanyard I used a 6mm rifle cartridge.

Step 2: Polish Shell *optional

I didn't polish mine but you can if you want

Step 3: Drill Hole

Use a drill press to drill out the primer *WARNING* only use shot of shells I'm not responsible if you get hurt when it explodes under the drill press

Step 4: Put Cord Through the Shell

Attach the paracord to the lobster clip and put the shell over the cord

Step 5: Tie the Knots

I used a plain old Solomon knot but you could probably use nicer knots

Step 6: End Knots

Once you get as far as you want you could double back over and do the same Solomon knot(like I did) or you could just stop here and cut the excess paracord and melt the ends.

Step 7: Admire Your Creation

Show off your fancy new lanyard and put your keys,work/school ID, etc

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    Cool lanyard. Although, I would be careful about taking shells to school. Some districts are very strict about that.