Introduction: K'nex Bullpup Pistol/shotgun

Hi, this is my first instructable so i thought i would start with something simple.

-Definitely not ugly :D
-Fun to use.
-Has never jammed on me.
-Dosent use many pieces.
-Cool tip on last step.

-Not the most powerful pistol here.
-Two broken pieces.
-Trigger is too far forward.

Lets get going!

Step 1: Parts List

Now you will find out if you have enough pieces.


69 x green
39 x white
1 x black (or gray but black is better)
1 x yellow


1 x red(can be substituted for just about anything)
5 x green
13 x white
25 x yellow
1 x light grey
6 x orange
5 x dark grey


1 x hinge
1 x metallic blue clip
8 x small black wheels(optional)
8 x blue spacers
a few x elastic bands
2 x broken orange connectors

Got those?, if so lets get going!

Step 2: Trigger

1.make this

Step 3: Main Body

1.make this.
2.make this.
3.make/gather these.
4.add the trigger and the things from step 3.
5.add the other side.
6.add the elastic bands.

Step 4: Ram/mag Pusher

1.make this.
2.make this.

Step 5: Black Wheel/elastic Band Placement

1.add mag pusher and elastic band.
2.add ram and elastic band.
3.add there, put through the hinge hole.
4.add black wheels if you have any.

Step 6: Your Finished!

Your probably wondering why I called this gun a pistol/shotgun.
Well, I did it because if you pull the ram back once, it will fire 1 orange connector, if you pull it back twice, it will fire 2 and if you pull it back 3 times it will fire a maximum of 3 orange connectors.
So, its sort of a shotgun!.
I hope you have fun with this gun!