Introduction: Bumper Bangs!

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Want to rock Bettie Page bangs with minimal commitment? I'll show you how in just a few easy steps!

You will need:

  • a rat-tail comb
  • a metal round brush
  • lotsa bobby pins
  • some super hold hairspray

Step 1: Curl & Section

This works best if you curl your hair first (aaaaaaand also if you have medium to long hair. This was super difficult with my short layered locks). Using the tail of your rat-tail comb, section your bangs from temple to temple, and then all of the hair from about halfway to the crown.

Step 2: Tease

Using your rat-tail comb, tease all of the hair that is going into your bumper bangs in half-inch sections. Tease like there is no tomorrow. Tease like you're going to a party on the Jersey Shore. (Duckface totally unnecessary.)

Step 3: Brush

After you've teased all of the layers of your bangs, gently brush them out from underneath, using long strokes and your metal round brush.

Step 4: Shape

Use your round brush to gently shape the hair, by wrapping the hair around the brush and spinning it gently. When you remove the brush from the hair, it should be in a uniform ringlet shape.

Step 5: Form the Curl

Form the curl by refining the ringlet shape your bangs should already be in. Roll the hair up upon itself until you have one wide roll across your forehead. (For those of you familiar with creating victory rolls, this is basically the same technique.)

Step 6: Bobby Pin

Secure the roll by sliding bobby pins into the sides, pinning the hair to itself. You will probably want to use several pins.

Step 7: Smoosh

Smoosh those bangs down with the flat of your hand.

Step 8: Fan Out

Fan out your bangs by gently tugging them out at the sides. You may need to readjust or add more bobby pins. The goal is to have the bangs' edge be straight across the forehead.

Step 9: Smooth and Finesse

You can smooth the top of your bangs if needed by gently running the metal round brush over the top. Argan oil is also helpful for smoothing down flyaways, and don't forget to SPRAY! Spray with a superhold hairspray until your bangs are hard enough to protect your forehead in a car crash. Tying a bandanna around your head is super cuties, and a flower is quite becoming as well!

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