Introduction: Bunny Treats and Toys.

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Ahhh treats, it does not matter if you are big, small, adult, child, furry or slimy we all love treats!

A bunnies diet is 80% hay 20% pellets and treats about 2-3 times a week which should include fresh and dried. Bunny treats appears very simple yet they can be very costly so I started making my own using the peels from my fruits and vegetables. Instead of putting them in the compost, I make bunny treats. If I tend to make a huge batch I will give them to my students who I know own bunnies.

Toys are very important in the daily life of a bunny. Rabbits are extremely intelligent animals and they need toys and activities to keep their mind busy or they tend to destroy your house instead. Toys on the market are usually made from cardboard, some type of string or raffia. In this instructable I will show you how to make a couple simple toys using toilet paper rolls.

Grab a coffee or a tea and lets have some fun!


For the Snacks:
Fruit and Vegetable Peelings
Medium size container
Cutting board
Small pairing knife

For the Toys:
Paper rolls

Step 1: Foods That Dehydrate Well.

There are some fruit and vegetables that dehydrate much better than others. Here is a list that I tend to follow and the bunnies seem to really enjoy these fruits and vegetables.

- Apple peels
- Apple cores
- Carrot peels
- The ends of the carrots - sliced into thin slices
- Strawberry tops
- Grapes - sliced into thin slices
- Broccoli stem - sliced into thin slices

Step 2: Drying Your Fruit and Vegetables

1. I use a medium sized container and fill with my peelings throughout the week.
2. Once the container is full I start to fill up the dehydrator.
3. DON’T over fill the shelves of the fruit/ vegetables will not dry properly.
4. Ensure the carrot ends, apple cores and strawberry ends are not too thick, slice them into thin slice.
5. Once the dehydrator is full, put on the lid and turn on the power.
6. It will take about 6 hours for the snacks to dry, thus why I do it while I am sleeping.

Step 3: Once Dried Time to Store Them.

Check over all the snacks to ensure they are all dried.
Store the bunny snacks in an airtight container.
These will last several months. I have never had a batch go bad!

Step 4: Snack Time!

Time to eat the rewards.

Wilma’s favourite snack is the strawberry tops but she also likes the apple peels strips. (the brown bunny).
Munroe seems to really enjoy the carrot coins but licks his lips for the strawberry tops. (the white bunny).

Step 5: Time to Make Some Toys.

Toss N' Roll
1. Using your scissors, cut slits at the bottom of the toilet paper roll.
2. The slits do not need to be equal in width to in length.
3. Once you have cut around the bottom, repeat the same process on the other side.
4. Now fold back the slits all away around the bottom.
5. Do this on both sides.
6. You have just made a bunny tossing/ chewing toy. Hours of enjoyment for you beloved pet.

Chris Cross
1. This toy is a version of Toss N Roll
2. Cut a hole in the middle of the toilet roll on both sides.
3. Slide another paper toilet roll through the holes.
4. You might want to cut slit on the bottoms of the rolls to make it easier for your bunny to toss it.

1. This toy takes 7 toilet paper rolls.
2. For six of them you are going to flatten them and roll them up.
3. Then you are going to place them inside the 7th toilet roll.
4. Bunnies tend to love this toys. They toss it, chew it and make it roll.

Step 6: Some More Toys

Toilet Roll Chain
This toy is for inside the bunny cage. I will usually hang it off the side of the cage or across the cage. You can fill the roll will hay or treats if you like.My bunnies find this to be a very curious toy and often like chewing it or try tossing the rolls. They also seem to enjoy chewing the rope as well.

1. You will need to make a hole on either side of the toilet roll using your scissors.
2. Do this for all the rolls.
3. Then you get a long piece of rope, what ever length you desire.
4 . Make a double knot at one end but leaving some rope.
5. Thread your road through the toilet roll then make another double knot. Do this for all of the rolls.
6. When you get to the last roll double knot it on the other side and at the end of the rope to prevent fraying.

That’s it. You have made a ton of toys and treats. Time to sit back, relax and watch your bunnies play!

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