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Nail Art is seen in many ways as a therapeutic release for women, making them feel better about themselves. It's an amazing way to show your own individual personality while making sure that no one else has the exact look, like you.

To be frank, most of the Nail Arts are almost impossible to do at home for most of the girls. But the best thing about this nail art is its unique and beautiful look. It’s basically a way of adding paper right onto the nails. This particular nail art is very attractive and definitely going to catch everyone's attention around you and it is very easy to do at home. You don't need sparkly rhinestones, sprinkle beads, studs, acrylic decals, striping tapes, etc. You just need an old and torn paper with a print on it and few nail paints. Here I am using an old Dictionary Paper. I am not using Rubbing Alcohol in this project. If you’ve been wondering how you can achieve this unique, beautiful look on your own nails, follow this Instructable. It’s easy and super fun and pretty cool too !!

Step 1: What You Will Need for Attractive Nails

All you need are a few simple supplies and you’ll be making paper printed nails in no time.

1) Old Dictionary Paper.

2) White Nail Paint as the base color. I am using Matte one as I believe matt is going to hold the paper much easier.

3) Clear Nail Polish or Top Coat.

4) Brown Nail Paint to make burns on paper.

5) Nail Polish Remover.

6) Tweezer.

7) Scissor.

8) Any cup filled with water. I have used a paper cup.

9) Cotton Swabs

Step 2: Prepare Your Nails and Apply Base Coat

Remove Nail Polish on your nails if any and wash your nails to make sure they are clean. Paper print is generally dark when applied to any color (other than black or grey). Try a lighter color for the base. Use any color you like, as long as it’s light enough, you will be able to see the print on the top of it. But I think the idea of going with a white or cream background to give your nails a truly classic and authentic paper design is the best.

Apply two coats of White Nail color and let it dry completely. Use nail polish remover and a cotton bud to remove excess nail polish if any.

Step 3: Prepare the Paper

Check your cupboard for old books and torn pages. I had a very old Dictionary on my shelf. So, I am using this Dictionary Paper to print its text on my Nails as I am loving some blue colored text on it. Take the paper and using a scissor cut out 5 pieces of the size approximately 2" x 1" (one for each nail) and set aside. Make sure the Paper is wide enough to cover each nail. Of course, cut 10 pieces for both the hands :)

Step 4: Soak the Paper

After cutting the Paper pieces, dip each paper into a small container filled with water. I have used a disposable cup. Let the paper soak in water for a few seconds. There is another method to transfer print on your nails which is Rubbing Alcohol Method. But If you want to avoid the drying effects of alcohol altogether, you can use water only to make your Paper Nails.

Step 5: Lay Paper on Your Nails

Make sure you begin applying the Paper only after your nails are completely dry. Overlay the Paper directly on the nail. Use a tweezer to position the Paper so that your nail is fully covered. Using your thumb to press hard. Then using a cotton bud dipped in water press allover your nail for about half a minute until the print is fully transferred. Don't move the Paper. Remember, Press firmly is the key to make the text more opaque.

Step 6: Peel Off the Paper

After around 30 seconds, carefully peel off the paper back to reveal your text. It's not necessary that each print on the nail will be the same. If the paper is not pressed correctly, it may happen that the print won't transfer completely. Repeat the laying and peeling process for each nail.

Step 7: Paper Printed Nails !!

And... Voila !! I 'm really amazed by the print :)

This method is a bit longer but it's safe for your nails.

Step 8: Adding Twist to the Print

A clever take on this look is the BurnedPaper Style. I am using Dark brown nail paint to smudge areas where I want the burned paper effect. I am choosing the areas where text is not printed properly. Take a very small amount of nail paint on the cotton bud and start smudging the areas. Increase the nail color gradually. You can also use black nail paint for a much darker effect on the edges and brown smudge inside, like that of a burned paper.

Step 9: Burn the Paper

Now make your nails look like a “Paper” burned away. Take a cotton bud dipped in nail paint remover, start pressing the bud inwards on the brown smudge so that you can see the nail underneath and get the effect of a burned paper. Repeat this step with all the nails.

Step 10: Seal Your Nails

Allow nails to dry again for five minutes. To ensure that the nail art and its print doesn't rub off, finish the nails with a clear topcoat. This is the most important step. It will provide you with nails that won’t quit with your busy lives. The glossiness of the clear nail paint will enhance and intensify the letters giving it a truly Burned Paper Effect.

Step 11: The Finished Look

Congratulations !! Your paper nail art is ready to flaunt :)

Pair this with your favorite bracelet and ring to draw everyone's attention.

Thanks for the reading. Enjoy !!

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