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I am from a complete technical background but I am very much into the arts. I love making something new, colorful, and creative pieces of stuff. In this instructable, I decorated an Old Monk Wine glass bottle to a beautiful Ancient themed Royal Wine Bottle and it turned out to be very beautiful. This is the first time I am doing this as I never did this before.

Our rulers in the ancient era used to have table fermented beverages, mostly beer, and wine. I have never come across the living style of our kings but I have seen in many historical serials that the rulers/kings pour wine from beautiful antique bottles, which inspired me to go for this design. So, let's start making it :)

Step 1: Supplies

To design this bottle all you need is some stuff's from a craft store and an empty glass wine bottle after removing the label.

1) Any empty wine glass bottle.

2) Acrylic craft paints - Blue and Black.

3) Acrylic silver dust.

4) Air dry clay/polymer clay.

5) Mod-podge/white glue.

6) Tissue papers/Paper towels/napkins/toilet paper

7) Paint Brushes.

8) Old and waste pen cover.

9) Toothpicks.

10) Small bowl to mix colors,

Step 2: Preparation

Prepare the glue paste by mixing glue with water. Tear some pieces of tissue paper to paste it all over the bottle. You can choose any length of the tissue pieces depending on the length of the object. I have used square pieces.

Step 3: Adding Texture on Bottle

Wash the inside and exterior of your bottle thoroughly so that no residue remains. Using a brush paste a thick layer of craft glue over the bottle and start pasting paper towels/napkins/toilet paper (whatever is available with you) on the glue so that it sticks properly. Cover all the sides of the bottle very nicely. In case you find tissue is not sticking properly, spread more glue over the paper using a brush and push it down and around to make creases. This step is to add more texture to the bottle. You can apply multiple layers for more texture.

Let the glue dry completely. It took around 0.5 hrs to dry.

Step 4: Base Coat the Bottle

Now its time to color the texture of your bottle with your favorite color. Here I used blue acrylic color. Choose any color of your choice. Evenly coat the bottle all around with the color, leaving one side where you want to make your design.

Keep aside to dry the color. It hardly takes 15 minutes to dry perfectly.

Step 5: Marking for Design

The side which was not covered with color will be used to sculpt your design. Using a pencil mark inverted V at the bottom of the bottle and V at the neck of the bottle. This step to assure the perfect placing of design over the bottle.

Step 6: Preparing Clay for Sculpting

To make a textured design on the bottle I am using Fevicryl moudlit clay. It contains a strong resin base and a hardener which needs to be mixed together to get a solid solution, before using it. You can mold it and make any design of your choice. This clay sets in 90 minutes.

Take equal amounts of resin and hardener and start mixing them. Care should be taken to avoid mixing the Resin base and hardener in unequal proportions, as it will result in improper curing and hardening. Mix them to form an even dough. Roll it using your palm on any flat surface to form a thick cylinder. Roll and mix until the mixture becomes completely white so that you can shape it in whatever shape you desire.

Step 7: Making Side S's - Part 1

Start making Caligraphy letter S on the bottom inverted V. Paste glue on inverted V and start pasting your mold shape over the bottle above the pasted glue.

Step 8: Pattern on S - Part 2

After placing the shape, using toothpick press the mold shape giving it a beautiful textured pattern. Make sure not to hard press the mold.

Repeat making the shapes on both sides.

Step 9: Swirl on the Center - Part 3

Now mold the clay into a beautiful swirl and place at the center of the calligraphed S shapes. Using the same toothpick, make patterns on the swirl as well.

Step 10: Crown Detailing - Part 4

To give a more royal look to the bottle I made few molds to give detailing of crown. Paste the molds above the design. Now, using the tip of an empty pen cover mark beautiful impressions of artwork.

Step 11: Placing Balls - Part 5

Roll small balls of molding clay and place it around the swirl. Now, using the pen cover tip make patterns on the balls by pressing the pen inside the ball. Make sure to gently press the clay. Lastly, seal the design using clay string at the bottom.

Step 12: Neck Design - Part 6

Applying the same techniques and design patterns on the neck of the bottle and finish the sculpting part.

Step 13: Color the Remaining Design

Now, as the sculpting is done cover the remaining portion of the bottle with blue color leaving the sculpted portion.

Let your design dry completely. This clay takes about 90 minutes to dry completely. Keep the bottle aside to dry in a cool and shaded area.

Step 14: Black the Sculpt

Paint the mold design using black acrylic color. Be very careful with fine coloring as black color may spoil your hard work if spilled over the base color.

Ta-Da......! It looks really beautiful, classy, and royal.

Step 15: Giving Antique Look

Using silver dusting powder, gently dust your design with a finger. Be careful using this dusting powder as this sticks on your skin and it is hard to remove it. So, wear gloves before doing this step.

Step 16: Embrace Your Design

Your Antique and royal bottle is designed and customized. You can make whatever design you wish to sculpt. Use a wooden cork to cover the bottle if used in the kitchen or for liquor purposes. This bottle can also be used in the room as per your requirements.

I hope you enjoyed this Instructable as much as I enjoyed making it. Stay healthy. Thank you.

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