Introduction: Butter!

We loved making this whether it was with Girls Scouts or Pioneer Day at school. It is great tasting, easy to make, entertaining, and educational. Okay, we mostly make this because we like the taste of it on crackers.

Step 1: Materials

Small Container With Sealable Lid

Heavy Whipping Cream


Step 2: Pour Heavy Cream

Pour heavy cream into container. The amount you pour in depends on how much butter you want to make. We are just making a small amount. We will just fill up our small container half way to leave some room to shake up the cream.

Step 3: Salt

Add a pinch or two of salt. The salt adds a little flavoring. Either regular table salt or sea salt will work well.

Step 4: Seal It Up!

Snap the lid shut. This may be obvious but double check the lid. We almost had a mess on our hands as the cream started to get lose! Imagine that all over your kitchen counters! Not good.

Step 5: Shake

Shake the container of heavy cream for 10 minutes. It's helpful to have a partner take a turn at shaking.

Step 6: Check for Yumminess

After 10 minutes, check to see if the heavy cream is solidifying (turning into butter). Shake for another 3 to 5 min if the cream hasn't changed. Still not working? Make sure to be using heavy cream and NOT whipping cream like we did the first time we tried this.

Step 7: Bread and Spread

A butter knife and slice of bread or cracker is needed for this next step ;-)

Using the butter knife take some butter out of the container and spread it over your bread.

Step 8: Enjoy

Take a bite of the amazing butter that is better then store bought!

Step 9: Extra Butter

Keep the extra butter in the container and refrigerate.

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