Introduction: Butterfly Collection

Fan of those beautiful eyes on butterfly wings? Don't want to spend your days jumping around with a net and a jar trying to catch a live one only to find that you've damaged it's wings and the color doesn't match your decor? Create your own personalized collection of butterflies simply and easily. 

Step 1: Gather Supplies

Supply List:

Magazine image/photo/pretty paper
masking tape
image of butterfly
x-acto knife
straight pin
display box
optional: adhesive cardstock

Step 2: Placement

Options for sizing your butterfly image:
     the easiest in my opinion is to use a copier to reduce/enlarge.
     use photo editing software to change the size
     don't change the size and find a magazine image that fits your butterfly
Cut your butterfly image out with a half inch or so of space around it.
Use a window or light box to place the butterfly over your magazine page
Tape it down with some masking tape.

If your butterfly is more than three or four inches tall, I found that they move around a lot when any breeze hits them. When displayed, it shifts them out of alignment and they can look messy. I found that applying cardstock to the back alleviates this problem. I found adhesive cardstock in the scrapbooking aisle at my local craft store, but you could glue some to the back just as easily. 

Step 3: Cut

*Make sure your x-acto blade is sharp! This is delicate work and a dull blade will lead to tears (rips) and tears (water from the eyes).
*Put your paper on top of a cutting board or scrap cardboard to protect your table.
*Cut out your butterfly. You may need to make the antennae thicker than in the image. You could also cut them off and use another material to add them later.

Step 4: Fold

*Use a pen or pointy (but not sharp) object to draw a line down the center back of the butterfly. This makes it easier to fold.
*fold the butterfly in half with the pretty side facing out.
*fold each wing forward

Step 5: Display

I just happened to have a wooden display box lying around, but you could display them in anything that is deep enough to accomodate the wings and pins.

Wrap a piece of fabric around a piece of cardboard that fits into your display.

Use straight pins to pin each butterfly into the display.

Step 6: Additional Details

You also have the option of adding additional details with different paper.
I added another layer of the black adhesive cardstock to this one.

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