Introduction: Button Flower Bouquet

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Even though the idea has been around a while, I felt absolutely giddy when I picked up the bunch of button flowers I put together this weekend. There is something so deliciously tactile about these little peeps of eye candy - so I'm going to provide a quick how-to in the hopes that you might also be inspired to pull out your buttons. I promise, even a few will make you smile!

Step 1: Collect Your Buttons

First things first, you'll need buttons! I had some tucked away from my button mosaic mirror project, but a recent thrift store sprint really boosted my supplies.

Step 2: Collect Your Tools

Besides your buttons, all you need are wire cutters (heavy duty scissors also work) and your choice of wire. I used a silver wire to give a 'modern' feeling, but green florist wire is also a nice option.

Step 3: Determine Colors

Next it's time to cut lengths of wire to your desired length (make sure to double over the wire to determine final length) and begin to lay out some colored patterns for your button flowers.

Step 4: Wiring the Flowers

 'Thread' the buttons one at a time onto your wire and slide them half-way down the wire. Then wrap the wire back down through the opposite holes in the buttons. Pull down the wire tight.

Step 5: Making the Flower

Now hold the (bottom) button with one hand, and begin to twist it while holding the two wires down below and using your fingers as a guide. Start with your fingers high up on the wires underneath the buttons and gradually slide them downward with each twist of the button. The twisting of the wire won't always be perfect, but that's OK. As my sister told me long ago, art is not perfect.

Step 6: Flower Stems

You'll end up with a long twisted stem that looks something like this.

Step 7: Make a Bouquet

And when I picked up the 15 or so that I made and held them as a bunch for the first time...I felt giddy! The colors popped and the stems felt so tactile in my hands. Small pleasures.

Step 8: Flower Vase

Finally, clip your stems to the desired length for your vase. They would also be great in Easter decorations or small plants. How would you use them? I am so infatuated with my little flowers that I can't wait to make more and fatten up my bouquet. But for now...I know I'll smile each time I pass by my little button flowers.

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