Introduction: Button Heels

So I found some really high heels on my latest thrift store scouting trip. They were in general a good pair of shoes but I was really not a fan of the fake print that covered the heel. So I decided to try an awesome new idea that would give the shoes a new unique look while getting rid of some of my large collection of buttons

Step 1: Supplies

Here is what I used to update my new high heel shoe.


Paint - I used black paint

Hot glue

Exacto knife

Step 2: Cut Off the Fake Print

I started by carefully cutting off and removing the fake print that was covering the heel of the shoe.

I started by running the exacto knife near the top of the shoe where the heel and the shoe meet. The fabric cut away really easily and it took little effort to remove

The bottom of the overhead console just tore at the bottom of the shoe so I didn't have to cut it away.

Soon all of the strange leather print was gone from my shoe

Step 3: Paint the Heel

Underneath the print of the heel was this great base white fabric. It was a great canvas to start putting together my button shoe.

I started with painting the white fabric black. I noticed that the majority of the buttons I had were black and having a black background would be a much more neutral color and less noticable once the buttons were glued on.

The fabric that was on the shoe was very porous so it took a lot of paint to get it to the shade of black I liked. If you find a shoe with a similar fabric be prepared to do a couple coats of paint.

Step 4: Glue Buttons

Once the black paint dried it was time to start gluing the buttons.

This ended up being a very time consuming task. I used a hot glue gun to stick the buttons on, and I'm not sure if I would want to use any other type of glue for this part of the project. It held the buttons really well. It just took a lot of time to get all the way around the shoe.

Using hot glue will end up causing lots of glue strings. I waited until the glue dried and was able to easily wipe off all the extra glue strings.

Step 5: Finished

After all the buttons have dried I was able to have a great upgrade to these shoes. I was actually very happy with how everything turned out. The buttons ended up looking great and is now a unique pair of shoes.

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