Introduction: Button Tree Wall Art

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Get out your button jar! Here is an interesting decorating project that I saw on Pinterest. It would also look great using different shades of only green buttons. I have been putting my spare buttons in a jar for several years and had quite a collection! It does take a while to sew on all of those buttons, but I did it while I was watching TV, so it went by pretty fast.

Step 1: Supplies

You will need;

stretched canvas, mine is 16" x 20"
buttons, lots and lots of buttons! all different colors and sizes
wonder under, fusible webbing
scrap of brown fabric
piece of fabric for the background 22" x 26"
piece of lightweight denim 16" x 20"
needle and thread
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Sewing machine


Step 2: Fusible Webbing

Cut a piece of fusible webbing 16" x 20". Iron this, paper side up, onto the back of the lightweight denim. Peel paper off and place it onto the back of the background fabric so that the fusible webbing is in the middle. Make sure that equal amounts of the background fabric show on all 4 sides. Press with a hot iron This step keeps the fabric from puckering when you sew on the buttons.

Step 3: Tree Trunk

Cut a piece of brown fabric about 6" x 12". Cut a piece of fusible webbing about 5-1/2" x 11-1/2". Place the fusible webbing on the back of the brown fabric, paper side up. Press until the fusible webbing is stuck to the brown fabric.
On a piece of paper, draw a simple tree trunk with a few branches and roots. Cut this out and pin to the brown fabric.
Cut out tree shape.
Peel off the paper.

Place tree onto the front of the background fabric.

Press with hot iron. 

Using the sewing machine, zig-zag around the edge of the tree.

Step 4: Buttons

Starting in the center of the branches, begin sewing buttons to the tree, one at a time. Try to make sure you don't have two buttons of the same color next to each other, and try to evenly distribute the large sized buttons. Continue sewing buttons on the tree until you get it the size you want.

Step 5: Canvas

Place fabric over stretched canvas and, using a hot glue gun, glue to the back. First glue the sides, stretching slightly, then the top and bottom. Finally, glue the corners by folding the fabric over like you are wrapping a present. Glue a metal hanger to the back center at the top.
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