Introduction: Buzzsaw TR-4 Final Prototype

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Buzzsaw, a concept simply built to show a simple concept never tried before. I really enjoyed how this turned out and I know a lot of my fellow knexers liked how it turned out too. This gun just happens to be a rare combination of concept with visual appearance. I will admit for anyone planning to build this gun that this isn't exactly a perfected gun. I still had a couple problems with this gun but that's why I'm posting it, with your help Buzzsaw will be a great gun to use and will be the most unique and effective turret out there. So let's get building Buzzsaw!!

Step 1: The Body and Internals

I took a lot as pictures as normal of the entire gun. If you need explanation on how something goes together just leave a comment on this ible' and I'll be glad to help you out.

Step 2: Turret

Okay, now for this part there is some things I should mention. First is that you will need two cut rod (three connector length). Second is that you will need two rubberbands, electrical tape, and some scissors. When you get to the step of applying the rubberbands, be sure the bands are as flat as possible. If they are twisted they will cause extra friction on the turret which will cause it not to spin correctly. Also be sure to apply the electrical tape as shown. Do so by cutting the electrical tape in half and threading it through the hole in the green connector and then loop it around a couple of times. Overall, just ensure that the turret halves are secured together why not obstructing the path of the projectile.

Step 3: Finished

I hope you enjoy your Buzzsaw!

For firing cock the firing pin and rotate your turret in the direction I'm pointing in picture 2. Next, hang on to the turret, load at least one blue rod into one of the chambers (you may need to use another rod to do so). Also when loading make sure the blue rod is positioned where it won't obstruct the other chambers or else it will jam. Next let go of the turret, if it isn't in the right position it should rotate to where you loaded you ammo, if not, give it a little spin with your hand to get it going. If it doesn't spin, it should already be at the chamber with ammo in it. If not, something is wrong, try resetting the turret and trying again.
The turret may spin rapidly and pass your ammo or I call it "free spinning" (semi common problem with mine) if so slow your turret rotation with your hand when it starts "free spinning" 

I still think this is one of my best looking guns that have produced so far. Please feel free to modify and make it better because there is a lot of potential in this concept and you can bring it out!

Thanks for checking it out!