Introduction: CATBOX - Using PELLETS - for $7 Ish !

First of all - props to this instructable for showing me the path -

we changed a few things such as making a 'jig' instead of measuring all the holes and trying to hit the 'intersections' - more on that in the steps below but here's the thing, you probably don't need either one - at the end you'll probably just need time - drilling all those holes takes time and as the previous instructable calls it - it truly is 'daunting' - give yourself time & use a sharp drill bit !!

Second of all - props to ME for actually putting up this instructable as my first ! (EDIT - it's really my second now, don;t know what I was waiting for .... except this is a weird subject matter ? ) of all things I never expected it to be about THIS ! A Catbox ? Really ? but somehow I am pretty proud of this - especially since it's cut my 'CatBox Maintenance Time' by more than 2/3 rds - and NO MORE TRACKING !!! I hate that !!!

Oh yes ! The Feline Pine / *Wood Pellets - costs less than 1/2 the price of what we were using - that's clutch !

Step 1: Materials - Less Than 7 Bucks Per Box

  1. You'll need a washpan - the larger one - we used one from WalMart cost less than $2.50 and that's all I want to spend on this subject !! a smooth bottom helps - think about it !
  2. You'll need something that the washpan can fit into - we also used one from WalMart - it has handles which aren't used - so what ! it's an 18 quart size and is clear - I think that works best because you can see the sawdust in it - that helps to know when it's getting filled with 'used' litter
  3. You'll need feline pine cat sand - we haven't done enough research on wood pellets for a stove ( glue or accelerants are added ? ) but we'll get to that and add our finding here ... for now we'll be safe as we've gotten attached to these dang cats ! PIA's that they are !!
  4. Your scooper can be re-used but we found it easier to go to the dollar store and get a slotted spoon to pick out the 'solids' - we might even go back for a pair of cheap tongs but that seems 'unsavory' especially if the solids might come out a little soft or runny - ugh - let's change the subject now ....

Ok nothing else to say really -

The cats actually do most of the work - the pellets turn into sawdust when wet and Gia ( the dark one ) does most of the work for her siter Luna ( the grey one ) - Luna is lazy and doesn't do much covering / cleanup - I don't think she learned properly yet. Her sister just takes care of it.

Step 2: Drill / Prop / Use

  1. Drill the holes - we used a 3/16 drill bit - your mileage may vary
  2. Prop the WashPan some how - we 'glued & screwed a leftover piece of wood onto the sides of the washpan so it wouldn't slip into the lower container - works good - adds weight & balance which is not bad since the cats are in and out of this all day - right ? (EDIT - Since the entire thing flexes - the glue came loose on one side - I'm going to put a small notch in the bottom edge of the wood panel to make it slip into the clear container but still sit on top of the edge of that container - this will keep things secure )
  3. Fill it with Pellets
  4. Watch the cat go ! - NOT ! they'll do it - don't worry :) - though you might want to add some old litter into there until they get used to it - a little on top will help them not to get spooked I guess.