Introduction: CD Butterfly Photo Frame

My friend really likes butterflies and has a wall of cds so I decided to make her something that used both of these. This was quite simple to make and could easily be adapted for any picture/animal/shape.

Step 1: Materials

1. An engraving tool of some sorts (may be similar to a dremel)
2. Cds
3. A photo
4. A diagram/outline of your animal/whatever

This is a picture of a dremel, very similar to the tool I used

Step 2: Tracing the Image

Firstly we need to get our image onto the cd. To do this we first measure the cd and print it off to the correct size and then cut it out. Then trace around the image onto the non-shiny side of the cd using a pen or pencil that will show up and can draw quite finely. It may help to stick down the image with a bit of tape but I just held it there.

Step 3: Cutting the Outline of Your Image

Here you use your engraving tool. Cut on the side you drew your outline on(The non-reflective side of the cd) Pick a fine, pointy engraving bit for your tool and very carefully cut along the line you drew. Angle the point towards the centre of the cd as the inner material can get cut but we want to keep the framing bit in one piece. I have different cds inthe photos as I was trying to make a few at the same time.

Step 4: Peeling the Centre

Now we must peel the material off the cd to make a clear area in the centre. To do this, place the point of the tool under the edge and lift up, pulling the material with your fingers as it starts to come up. It doesn't matter if it  doesn't all come off in one piece, you just keep removing sections until it is all off.

Be careful not to scratch the clear area with the tool as it will make the area blurry and scratched and the photo underneath will not look as good. Some parts may not come off and I just left a bit of mine because it was to hard to remove. Try to make sure you keep the edges even and smooth so that the image is easily recognisable.

Step 5: Adding the Photo

Originally I was planning to use another cd as a backing and make it possible to change photos but I didn't have time. Instead I just taped one to the back.

Print(or get a photo printed) to the size of your cd, I think mine was about 4 inches across. Clean the clear area, both front and back with a cloth before adding the photo. Place the photo in the position you want and round the edges so that it fits. Then put the cut photo on the non-reflective side of the cd so that the image can be seen from the shiny side. Alternatively you can put it the other way so you can see it from the brand side. Tape the photo in place, making sure you keep it flat and smooth.

That's how you make a very easy photo frame, hope you like it and if anyone does decide to make any I'd love to see photos of them in the comments.