Introduction: CD Case

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In this instructable I am going to create a nice cd case that is very sturdy and protective for a cd. You are going to need scissors, duct tape, cardboard, and some kind of fabric/felt

Step 1: Cut the Base

First you are going to cut two squares from the cardboard. They should both be about five inches by five inches

Step 2: Tape the Two Pieces Together

Now you need to tape the bottom of your case. Just tape the two pieces of cardboard together and make sure to tape both sides so there is no sticky side visible from all angles.

Step 3: Cut and Glue the Fabric

Now just cut a piece of fabric roughly the size of the card board. You should at least leave about a half inch that is not on the cardboard on all sides. Then glue it down to the cardboard

Step 4: Apply Duct Tape to the Edge

Now you want to put duct tape along the edges as shown above so it sec curries the fabric, keeps the cd from just sliding out, and also looks nice.

Step 5: Finishing Touches and Waiting

Now you just need to fill in the piece with duct tape to make it look nice and to make the cardboard more durable. Now wait until the glue drys

Step 6: Finishing

Now once it's done drying all you have to do is tape the sides (but make sure to leave the top open so you can get the cd in and out) and then your done!

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