Introduction: CD Spool As Side-of-bookshelf Storage!

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Got a bunch of spare CD spools from legally burning weeks of movies or music?
Or piles of stuff lying around?
How about a spare vertical surface?

Make the most of your situation and put it together!

(You might recognise the earmuff headphones; if you know who made the original instructable for it, please comment so I can give them due credit!)

Step 1: Gather Materials

- small drill: I used a pin vice
- screwdriver or hammer

- those plastic CD spools that come with large packs of recordable/rewritable CDs. Keep the lids, as they may be used too.
- a spare vertical surface: your great-grandmother's 200-year-old mahogany headboard does not constitute as a "spare vertical surface". A 20 dollar IKEA bookshelf made of particleboard is nearly always acceptable. It'll have holes drilled in it, so choose wisely!
- short self-tapping screws (does not need to be specific), or short flathead nails

Step 2: Drill Pilot Holes

Drill a series of pilot holes on the flat surface of the CD spool.

Depending on what you intend to hang on it (this one is for rolls of tape), you may have to adjust the distance of the holes from the centre.

Generally, it is best to position the holes halfway between the outer ring and the centre.
The plastic has the most flex here, so it's less likely to break when you're attaching the spool to the surface.

Step 3: Prepare the Screw

Insert the self-tapping screw just enough to hold it in place.
Alternatively, hammer a nail just into the pilot hole.

If it's inserted all the way, it'll be harder to install.

Repeat this for each pilot hole.

Step 4: Install Into Surface

Hold or tape the spool to the desired spot.

Complete the installation process by driving the screw/nail all the way in.

Repeat for the other screws/nails.

Step 5: Other Possibilities

While you can't hang a great deal of stuff on each spool, the circular shape comes in handy for things like hand-grip exercisers or spools of cordage.

For the roll of twine, I used a (very) large spool and kept the lid on afterwards to keep it from unraveling too much.

For the rolls of tape, the lid keeps them from falling off. It looks somewhat neater, if a little strange at first.

I covered one side of the blank CD at the bottom of each pack with cork sheeting. It makes for a handy coaster and stops stuff from falling off the spools.

Thanks for reading!